August 13, 2008

Dear Marketers, Please Keep Ignoring Dads. Please, Please, Please.

So Adweek has a rather lengthy, in-depth article on how consumer products and food companies are totally ignoring men, even though data shows significant increases in the number of men who do things like cook, clean, and shop.

I happen to be quoted a couple of times, once about the Baby Gap Home collection's total testosterone blackout [there's an awesomely lame response from the Baby Gap folks blaming their marketing strategy on mens' failure to reply to their online survey], and once about the McDonald's commercial where dads around the world "make" dinner.

Well, now that I've seen what it means to be in advertisers' sights, I say we should enjoy the silence while it lasts. Target Women is a segment on Infomania, some Daily Show-style media show on some network called Current TV. It takes a laughing-on-the-outside view of how women are portrayed and perceived by the marketing and advertising industries. This episode, "Feeding Your F---ing Family," has given me a newfound appreciation for my Penis of Demographic Invisibility.

A Man in the House []
Target Women on Infomania [ via themorningnews digest]


There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. -
Oscar Wilde
Maybe in this case it's the reverse?

Hey, and the video talks about stay-at-home dads too!

Incidentally, Current TV is one of Al Gore's pet projects.

As a stay at home Dad, I want my family's particular demographic off of Madison Avenue's radar as long as possible. The more they know about stay at home Dads and other alternative family groups the harder it is going to be to keep our children from saying "They're like us Daddy! Can we buy one?"

My family's differences makes it easier to raise out children beyond the scope of advertisers. I would like to keep it that way without being a neo-luddite and restricting their access to information and technology to the point that they can no longer function properly in society.

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