August 12, 2008

Clueless Detroit Boomer Hates On 'Dad's Old Station Wagon'

I have no idea what a Woodward Dream Cruise is; I avoid cruises on principle.

But I do know that no amount of smutty mayoral text-message publishing can make up for the station wagon-bashing nonsense of the Detroit News's Susan Whitall, who shows she knows shitall about what makes a cool car cool when she put "Dad's Old Station Wagon" at the top of her list of cars that should never cruise Woodward Avenue:

1. Dad's old station wagon. The Station Wagon Owners of America, great guys, will be mad at me for this, but keep the Ford Country Squires, Buick Roadmasters, Chrysler Town and Country wagons, Subaru Foresters and other lame kid-and-mulch haulers off Woodward. Even the red-and-white '57 Plymouth Belvedere station wagon I was carted around in as a child -- highly collectible yes; cool, no.
The Subaru Forester? Is your dad is a lesbian conservation fundraiser? Just unload the mulch and hit the road, lady. Don't you have an AARP magazine to read or something?

Nightmare cruisin': 8 cars top non-classics list [detnews via jalopnik, where the comments are more entertaining--and accurate]


The Woodward Dream Cruise is when clasic cars cruise down woodward. Pretty cool actually.

Judging by the comments left for her article, we're not the only ones who think she's clueless. She doesn't even have the make and model names correct, nor does she know that AMC did not make the Coronet (and all of AMC's cars, including the Pacer are f'ing cool). She's probably one of those who tries to be trendy by shopping in the Juniors Department at J.C. Penney.

Actually, I have a real problem with people who try to make lists about what is or isn't "cool". If you like it, it's cool. If you like it because you want to impress other people with it, then it probably isn't cool.

The Woodward Dream Cruise is why my family goes out of town every August.

I hear you; I used to live in Little Italy, and I'd have to move for the San Gennaro festival.

from a 29 yr old father of 1 and owner of an "uncool" buick roadmaster wagon. all i can say is people like this think that people that listen to them take what they say to heart. they think that they can sway the trend to what they think "should be cool" not what is "cool". i shaparoned the youthgroup of our church, and all the kids loved my wagon...and they are under18!!!!

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