August 11, 2008

Forgive Me, Fathers: The Jack Spade Dad Bag Is Too Big And Too Loud


I've been meaning to write this post almost every Sunday morning since K2 was born. When we're sitting in a relatively quiet church service, and K2 starts calling out to the heavens for her bottle, and I reach down to the new Jack Spade dad field bag, and the ripping sound of the giant velcro patches echoes across the chapel. Not dissimilar, I imagine, from the sound of the earth splitting open and swallowing up my sinfully disruptive soul.

So yeah, the bag is too loud to open without attracting attention to itself.


Also, it's too big. It's at least two inches wider, taller, and deeper than my wife's old Jack Spade computer bag, which creates a giant, deep, void that holds so much stuff, you can't find anything. Only some women, most Ikea shoppers, and all hockey players carry more stuff than fits in this bag.

And yet, it's the only Jack Spade bag that comes with bottle-compatible inside pockets. And a changing pad, which is also too big, though it's printed with a soccer pitch on one side, which makes up for a lot. Still, I've used the pad maybe half a dozen times in seven months, and I've only actually needed it once, when the floor of the airplane galley was wet from a rainstorm.

This kind of "purse-plus" diaper bagging makes sense--if you have a purse you're trying to consolidate, or if you're out all day, and the kid's living out of the bag. Otherwise, this is just way too much bag for a baby.

Oh yeah, that's The Crib in the background. Temporary canvas front held on with big, ol' Jorgensen clamps. Work in progress, but also in use. I know, it's a miracle.


Best diaper bag I've found are the courier bags made by Crumpler.

Our favorite is actually the diaper bag Enfamil gives away for free. They're super lightweight, just the right size and easy to wipe out clean. The only downsides are that they look really boring (plain black nylon) and we've had a zipper or two break. But you can pick up a couple of them on eBay for about $15 and keep one in reserve.

My sister gave me a Diaper Dudes bag and it's okay, but I find the pockets to be awkwardly sized and the strap is only really good for wearing as a messenger bag--it's too long for over-the-shoulder or over-the-stroller-handlebars use.

how about a "what's in my bag" photo breakdown and invite readers to submit to your flickr group. I use the Jack Spade Daddybag and find that I tend to stuff it to the gills.


Do you still have the Dad bag? I'm looking for one and can't find it. If you're willing to part with yours, and it's not in bad condition, I'd be happy to buy it from you.


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