August 9, 2008

Look, I'm Your Father's Darth Vader Stained Glass Window

Darth Vader Stained Glass Window, originally uploaded by axoplasm.

Finally, a decades-later Star Wars sequel that neither sucks nor involves Tatooine. [Or both, as the theory goes.]

When he was six, Paul Souder drew a Star Wars-themed Christmas Card for the family friend who'd taken him and his brother to see the movie. When he turned seven, the friend gave him this awesome stained glass rendition of his Darth Vader drawing for his birthday.

Now, Paul's window is installed in his son Orion's nursery, where Episodes I-III will never be spoken of.

Darth Vader Stained Glass Window [axoplasm's flickr via extremecraft]
Also: Paul tells the Stained Glass Darth Vader story to the Official Star Wars Blog []

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