August 6, 2008

If Only You'd Bought An Awesome Beaba Babycook Last Year...


Ahh, 2007. It was a much simpler time. We were all younger then. And richer. And dumber.

And when we saw the miraculous French baby food-maker, the Beaba Babycook, on Thingamababy, and we saw that it steamed, it blended, it warmed, it defrosted, it probably made julienne fries! all with the touch of a button, we said, "Ooh lala, we must have it! Ship it from the random German online shop! I'm sure the euro will drop back down below $1.25 by the time I tap into our giant mountain of home equity and rewire the house to accept European appliances. If we're not home when the $45 shipment arrives, we can just hightail it over to the DHL warehouse in the Escalade--leave the engine running so we don't lose the A/C--to pick it up. As the bisphenol-A producers have been reminding us for years, there's nothing healthier for an infant than a steaming, warmed, or defrosted polycarbonate jarful of fresh vegetables. Bon appetit, bebe! If this thing ever sold in the US, people would line up outside the stores to get one! Why, it'd be more popular than the Motorola RAZR."

Timing's a bitch, ain't it Mr Sonoma? Beaba Babycook, $140 []
Hmm, so's lying to your customers about BPA: Babycook All-In-One Food Preparer by Beaba [thingamababy]


I'm sorry, when I see "babycook" it makes me think it's for cooking babies.

at least you can read it as "cook".

Dude, I live in France and stayed away from this thing like the plague—combining high temps with plastic is not my kind of thing. For those that have an extra grand lying around, the best way to go is the Thermomix. It does everything the Babycook does and more, but it's for the whole family. I use mine every day, whether it's to turn a block of parmesan into a fine powder, steam broccoli, to make mango sorbet, crush ice, cook/blend soup, or just make some whipped cream. Do I sound like I work for the company? Well, considering the only way to buy the damn thing is to have an in-home demonstration, you become an expert even before you own one...

pretty good article regarding Svan's testing of this thing... looks ok to me.

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