August 5, 2008

Then You Close The Trunk! Unfolding The ABC Triplet Buggy By Ted & Phil

Whoa. Triplets stacked like flights over O'Hare, or like Stokke Xplorys on top of Mountain Buggies.

Though I'd like to see my multiple stroller revolution-instigating inventors rolling in something sweeter than a 1995 Accord.

Assembling ABC Buggy [ABCBuggyNZ's YouTube channel]

There's more: Unique Triplets Buggy
A double, too: Freedom for Mom Wait, what?

By the original Phil & Ted, who I'll be calling Ted & Phil to keep them straight: Adventure Buggy Company []


I want one of these so badly. A lady in town has the single with a toddler seat and it's cool! Hers is several years old, but it's heavy duty steel, the basket turns into a backpack and it looks so easy to push.

I'm sure they mean dads too, judging by the camo fabric option.

I saw an ABC triplet buggy in use in Toronto in May. While I hope never to need a stroller for three, I was mightily impressed with this one.

That thing is a behemoth. then again, pushing triplets around is gonna be huge either way. With my twins, I got the double decker, but this always frightened me a bit:

but the key thing about this (and our mountain buggy double) is that you try not to take the stroller anywhere if possible. we just walk everywhere.

i have triplets and i covet that stroller. dang. i know another triplet mom who has it. my stroller (while awesome because it has a steering wheel) is a freaking monster.

we had the triple decker that geoff mentioned, and the peg perego triplette we have now dwarfs that thing. ha!

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