August 5, 2008

NY Mag Should Talk To Their Nanny Before Posting


Why's that newborn baby smiling in that $14 million picture? NY Mag say: "We Call Photoshop on the 'People' Pics of the Brangelina Twins"

Here at Daddy Types, we call gas.

Meanwhile, if Shiloh challenges your kid to a cuteoff at playgroup, run. Sheesh.


That Shiloh IS a super cutey!

looks like the typical gassy newborn 'smile' to me...cute, but so are most babies

Whatever! That baby-gas-smile thing is a myth. Babies smile when they have gas as much as adults smile when they have gas.
True that babies don't "social smile" until 6 weeks or later, but in the first few weeks babies smile as a reflex that shows their contentment/happiness in the world. This happens during sleep too.
Babies even smile in the womb to show their contentment.

Kelly — babies in the womb make smile-like expressions. The idea that it's to show contentment (or anything else) is pure speculation. It's possible it's contentment, and it's possible they're just contorting their faces in different ways.

I have never understood those "It's just gas" comments. When I was recovering from giving birth, running on virtually no sleep, covered in spit-up, breastmilk and other fluids, would it have killed people to let me think my baby smiled at me?

OK- smiles and cuteness aside- what about the other kids in this family? Why are just bio kids on the cover? This is maddening. Who ok'd this cover?

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