August 4, 2008

Mamas & Papas Knocks Off Bloom Fresco For A Loop


Because they don't have Target in the UK, the task of knocking off the innovative kids products of young start-ups falls to the local industry giant, Mamas and Papas. In this case, the Bloom Fresco high chair seems to have been the inspiration for M&P's remarkably similar rotating, height-adjusting, pod-looking, new high-tech high chair, the Loop.


I guess when you're the biggest baby retail chain in the UK and Ireland, and you have make-or-break control of the point of sale for new gear, it's only natural that you use your position to benefit your own in-house brand. Maybe when M&P rips your design off, it's a sign of success; Bloom should be thanking them for the honor. Or the honour. Better put that Stylewood muffin basket in the post soon, Bloom!

Mamas and Papas Loop high chair, £250 [, via dt reader danielle]
Bloom Fresco high chair, winner, 2006 Kind+Jugend Innovation Award, £240 [bloombaby]


I'm not sure who designed it first, but there's also the Boon Flair:

Boon's came first, in 2005.

Isn't the rip-off supposed to be cheaper? What a rip-off.

Bloom wins!! no doubt!

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