July 29, 2008

AMG Hammer Wagon, Der 80's Uber-Mercedes


A 1988 Mercedes 300TE 6.0, aka, the AMG Hammer Wagon, is on the eBay right now. If you're not up to speed on your AMG history, this is from the tuner's independent heyday, when the AMG Hammer, a W124 with the 560SEC's 32v DOHC-equipped V-8 and drivetrain, took the Frankfurt Auto Show by storm. Something about a 186mph top speed, 4-door Testarossa, blah blah blah. Well, this is the wagon version, with the engine bored out to 6-liters, but with only SOHC, mostly restored, and waiting for your irrational love.

You can read the seller's chatty saga of finding the car and beginning the restoration in 2002 at a Mercedes forum. Dude had an Aston Martin Lagonda and has a lead on an Audi S8 Avant prototype, but still. $48,000 Buy It Now? You don't know how hard I'm trying to not make "You can't touch this!" jokes...

Arggh, can't. resist... HAMMER TIME!

1988 Mercedes-Benz 300-Series 300TE 6.0, $48,000 BIN obo [ebay via dt readers dt and adam. update: nobody touched it before the auction ended. Three offers, ranging from an insulting $1000 to $20,000 were declined.]
Previously: OG AMG Mercedes Benzes


I. Want. This. Car.


An S8 Avant? What does this guy take us for? He might as well say he's got a unicorn out in the barn for sale, too. That is the ultimate white whale, my friend.

This machine, however, makes me feel all warm tingly in my special place. My son wouldn't be the only one in diapers if we took this out for a trip to Babys R Us. I'd need some, too, lest my bowels vacate themselves unexpectedly when this thing approached triple digits. Homina homina homina.

Hammer time, indeed.

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