July 22, 2008

This Here Faux-lar Bear Rug Made From Sheepskin By Crazy Icelander


Because global warming isn't forcing enough polar bears to swim hundreds of miles across open ocean to Iceland, where the local redneck cops can gun them down and turn them into rugs, they are forced to make polar bear-looking rugs from sheep. Three meters long, in limited editions of ten, crazy anti-fur commentary thrown in for free:

Similarly when you look inside a fur jacked [sic] and between the lining, the first thing you notice is this luxurious high priced garment is made up of hundreds of tiny scraps of skin sewn together.
Though it looks like one pelt on the outside, a fur garment is made of scrap and waste.

This here product plays with this exact idea of waste products sold as luxury products modules of death / component of flesh / diet of consumerism / objectification of life And of course branding the concept of like and animals into consumers resource, where the teddy bear appearance wipes it all away with the characterization and naive comical portrayal of a polar-bear rug, the decorative paragon of man over beast.

First off, they're not scraps. The process of cutting a fur pelt into thin strips and restitching it is called "letting out"; it improves the lay of the fur, and it stabilizes and strengthens the hide, since solid hides tend to dry and age unevenly. As for the rest, it's probably an accurate reflection of what goes flickers across the subconscious mind of someone buying a $3,100 limited edition, polar bear-shaped sheepskin rug.

Isbjorn, Ice Bear Rug, $3,100 [birkiland via mocoloco]
related: more faux animal skin rugs, most not made from other animal skins


They sell the sheep's bones too...

d'oh, i was just posting that. they're only selling plastic versions at the moment. the "organic toys" are "coming soon!"

Very interested in the sheepskin rugs (bear shaped) please can you give me a price (english stirling) many thanks Rob Keymer

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