July 22, 2008

Parodists, Learn A Lessons From Pat the Politician


Huh. Here's an Amazon commenter's description of the 2004 politically minded reinterpretation of a classic children's book, Pat The Bunny. It's called Pat the Politician:See what is inside Bush II's head (nothing), touch Bill Clinton's underpants, pull Barbara Bush's hair, grope Aronld Schwarzenegger, lengthen Nixon's nose, feel Gore's wooden personality, play hide and seek with Cheney, read Bush I's lips (quotes of good things he has said), see what Hillary is REALLY thinking (president in 2008 instead of supporting NY), and TRY to stick a scandal to Reagan's teflon personality.Hahaha sounds hilarious! Barbara Bush!!

Seriously, political people, if you're going to cash in on the enduring popularity of some children's book or other, at least make more than a half-assed attempt at insight, or barring that, even a hint of actual timeliness. Did anyone in 2004 actually care about Barbara Bush? Or what Poppy Bush said in 1992? Or Bill Clinton's underpants? No, they did not.

And also, Reagan was the original cut&run-in-the-face-of-terrorism President. Marine barracks bombing by Hezbollah, 1983. Look it up.

For political-parody-in-the-form-of-a-children's-book completists only: Buy Pat the Politician on Amazon for like two bucks [amazon via dt reader jennifer]

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