July 20, 2008

Wow, Wow What Have We Here? Plush Noggin 'Clones'


When you've been sewing for 50 years like Gramma Ruth, you don't "knock off" anything, least of all the so-far unlicensed, unmonetized characters of some media conglomerate-come-lately like Nickelodeon. No, when you make your own homebrew plush versions of Noggin's mascots Moose and Zee, or Wow Wow Wubzy, or Jack and his Big Music Show Players, they're not "knockoffs"; they're "clones."

And they're about $25 apiece on eBay.

SET OF MOOSE A. MOOSE and ZEE PLUSH NOGGIN CLONES, $49.50 shipped [ebay]
Gramma Ruth's Homemade Noggin & Good Night Show Stuffed Animals And Clothing [zoomshare.com]


I don't know who you are, BUT THANKS for posting my toys!! I have sold over 350 now. I also just take orders without bidding on eBay. I make Zee in darker blue too since I was told that's the color she is on the show. I've only seen the little pictures on their website!
THANKS AGAIN. Place your orders soon for Christmas, birthdays, or just "I LOVE YOU" gifts. I TRY to keep them in stock but it's getting difficult lately.

here is another seller that has moose a moose and zee toys. We bought from them and so did my sister, and are very happy. 4 months later they are as good as new - very durable, they are made by a professional crafter and show great quality. they are a little more expensive than some other home made moose / zee toys but well worth it. check them out www.kidscds.org

Stephanie, thank you so much for the mention of kidscds.org with your suggestion we bought our DS a Moose and Zee toy set and he is crazy in love with them. Now my niece saw them and we are getting her a set. Definitely great quality as you said. We saw someone selling these stuffed toys at a local flea merket, but after seeing what we got from this kidscds website, what we saw was far inferior, and price was only $7 less at a fleamarket.

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