July 13, 2008

Not Amish, Not Uma: DT Comments Week In Review

Changing the backend software here at Daddy Types has resulted in many valuable comments getting flagged by the spam filter. While I look for a solution, I've been wading through several thousand spams a day, pulling out the legitimate comments. The result: thanks to astute comments, at least a couple of major topics posted about this week have probably changed significantly since you read them. This is important, so please pay attention:

You remember those cute little Amish clothes, made by the Amish? How I was all, "Aww, dress your kid like Lukas Haas in Witness, dude. Vests and straw hats!? Yeah, well, it turns out those folks at PlainlyDressed.com aren't even Amish, they're Seventh Day Adventists, it's just that Amish have the brand recognition that moves the modest merch. If it weren't for all that "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" stuff, I'd be tempted to make some sort of "What part of 'thou shalt not bear false witness' don't you understand? Just because the actual Amish are too busy shunning the Internet to make a stink about brand dilution and what us crazy Englische actually think?" stink about it. Best to shop at Yoder Dept. Store in Indiana and be done with it.

Also, in the discussion of how much formula does that scoop actually hold, Kaz said he saves all their scoops, and I was all, "what for, to make a formula scoop wreath?" And Sam was all, "Dude, totally! Then show it to the lactivists! Can we see Uma now?" No. British reality TV actress/tabloid model/whatever Jordan is the official DT mascot of feeding your child from large cans. Of formula.



Re: Spam, does that explain why all of my recent messages have bounced back? Or are you just sick of me and my freak outs?

(you started this post with spam and ended with cans...no canned spam jokes???)

are you kidding? I've been treading water on Freakout Friday without your tips. That said, I haven't seen a single comment of yours in the spam folder all week. must be some other problem i don't even know yet

i've been slacking off in my freakout friday tips too - our family just moved from your most-hated city of boston to maine - so soon i will be getting the local paper and reporting back on what we are freaking out about up here...

I've been following the stories over on Nerve's mommy, er, parenting blog on Angelina's "twins" -- I just recently discovered they were referring to babies.

pure Leno gold, my friend. thanks for saving that one until I could get the comments fixed

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