July 9, 2008

Wall Sticks For Chicks!


Fathead Commercials Geared Towards the Lady of the House and Home DĂ©cor Market

Livonia, MI. July 7, 2008- Fathead® , the number one sports and entertainment brand best-known for its officially licensed life-size images of pro athletes, favorite heroes, animated characters, team logo and helmet wall graphics, announces the launch of their new advertising spot geared toward female decision makers and family demographics. Fathead has targeted this influential female demo via TV before but this simple new spot is specific to them in its creative. In these challenging financial times, Fathead is using these spots to clearly show for less than $100, moms can transform a room without the expense and hassle of painting, wallpapering, or time-consuming decorating...

I know I'll probably regret it later, but for now, the answer is yes. Yes, publicists, if you send me a press release that touts the awesome momness of your otherwise non-gendered product, I am more likely to post about it, even if it's something as lame as giant vinyl stickers of ubiquitous, corporate movie characters. Seriously, if I really wanted a lifesize Hannah Montana cutout hovering in my kid's room, I'd just steal it from in front of Club Libby Lu. Also, Fathead??

The vinyl momfest begins soon on Lifetime [duh] CMT, HGTV, and all over.

Content: Mom60RefRev2 [fathead.com via their publicist]


Uh, under $100? That's a pretty high mark. You know how much decorating I can do for $100? That's hardly a cheap way to decorate a room with one measly sticker.

Even if I wanted licensed characters I know that a can of paint and a wallpaper boarder with a licensed character is significantly less than $100.

that is outrages i could paint a whole room for that and add a few more things to it .

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