July 9, 2008

Go Audition To Be The Voice of Diego, GO!

Holy smokes, do they pay in free bedding sets and melamine dishware?? Nick Jr. is looking RIGHT NOW for a new voice of Diego, to record "ASAP!" Does your kid fit the bill? If you're anywhere near the demo for this blog, probably not. But if you can get yourself a giggly 8-10 year-old boy, you'll be one step closer to voiceover greatness.

Here's what Nick Jr told Bronx Craigslist they're looking for:


Talent must be bilingual in both Spanish and English - with NO accent in either language. "Diego" is a Latino action adventure hero with a heart. He is confident and enthusiastic. Dialogue must be extremely clear, sincere & HIGH ENERGY. Talent MUST sing & giggle well! This is the voice of a HIT animated series.

Which means the last Diego, now 12, will struggle simultaneously with professional rejection and hormones, and will be knocking over bodegas in the barrio by 14. Stay tuned. factcheck update: Actually, he's already 14 and starring in some Disney Channel series.

Go Diego GO! Casting calls for the next Diego (NY NY) [newyork.craigslist.org]


I check out your blog occasionally and usually like what I read... I know you like to be irreverent which is the appeal. Still, does your irreverence in this case have to be a cheap shot at Latinos as dime-store thugs? I mean, if it had been a Black kid would you have had him "slinging crack vials in the hood" or Koreans, "ripping off locals at the dry cleaners?" I try to be a good example to my kids and show them that Latinos are largely not that stereotype that is becoming more and more commonplace in the media of a classless cholo or a fiery-tempered hoodlum. Diego (and Dora too) are a rare exception to this trend which is why your comment kinda threw me off.

It is not a huge deal, but it just adds to the noise. I still remain a loyal reader, but thought I'd throw in mis dos centavos (my 2 cents for those who don't "hablan").

[I actually meant it as a cheap shot on child actors. Or more precisely, as a reminder to their parents. I believe there's a special circle of hell reserved for stage parents, where all the views are bad, all the tables are near the kitchen, and no one returns your calls. But I can see how you'd be upset about the Latino thing. Lo siento. -ed.]

I get JP's point, but don't think it was meant to be that way. I read it as being irreverent and facetious. Greg's point, as I understood it, had more to do with making fun of the stereotype of child stars gone bad (regardless of race) than of Latinos as "dime store thugs". I live in Southern California, and actually wasn't even aware that Latinos had any sort of stereotyped image in that regard.

I got one word for you, Greg: ¡Cabron!

I'm Latino, and I totally overlooked the barrio reference. (Most likely because the voice actor is named Jake T. Austin.)

And I'm still chuckling at "If you're anywhere near the demo for this blog, probably not."

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