July 7, 2008

The Daddy Types Guide For When Not To Start Revamping Your Blog Templates

1. At midnight the night your wife leaves for her big speech at a big astrophysics nerdcon.
2. uh, actually that's all I got so far.

update ahh. clearly, I'm missing the concept--or several concepts, more like-- when it comes to upgrading to MT4...

On the bright side, I hope the searching improves and that the tags will be useful. I've gotten about 2,300 of the 5,800+ posts tagged so far, so stay tuned.

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Honestly, I am still dealing with some MT4 upgrade issues. I had to completely trash my templates, my style still needs converting, my archiving has gone to hell and gone, and I *lost* the timestamping on about a third of my entries.

I cannot stress enough to back up EVERYTHING. Good luck and I hope your results are far better than mine.

[thanks, I still don't know the smallest fraction of what's screwed up yet, but I did find I'd set the comment spam filter so high, it caught all the legitimate comments, too. -ed.]

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