July 7, 2008

Finn Jet: Born From Mercedes


By now, I'm sure you've seen the crazed, 4-axle GM van conversion on eBay, the one with the sauna and shower in the trailer, "so that your wife can take a shower while you are driving"? [jalopnik is preserving the images for posterity, though the thing's apparently on the Discovery RV Channel every morning.] But have you seen the arcweld-happy Finnish snowbird who made it's other car?

It's called the Finn Jet. Antti Rahko made it from two vintage 80's Mercedes station wagons, a Dodge Imperial, and a warehouseful of JC Whitney. If you can stand looking at this closeup from Funnystrange, you may be ready to see the Finn Jet in all its glory.

Does your van have four axles and a sauna? [jalopnik]

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