July 1, 2008

Child Evangelical Fellowship Loves The Little Children, All The Little Children Of The Slope

As the Oklahoma-based Child Evangelical Fellowship teaches us:

Preschool children are everywhere-in playgrounds, parks,shopping centers,high-rise apartments, churches, day cares, and more! Authorities tell us that the preschool years are the most important years in a child's life. That's why we need to reach them with the Gospel.
Amen. Preschool children may be everywhere, but unfortunately, CEF proselytizers are not.

If you don't live in Park Slope, you run the risk that CEF did not hand out "candy and coloring books but [ask] the kids first if they accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior" near you.

But there's no need to worry. Or to wait. Though you'll have to provide your own candy, the CEF has a whole pile of the Pre-schoolers Can Know God Activity Books available for download, absolutely free.

And, Now, Proselytizing in the Playground [gowanuslounge via curbed]
CEF Preschool Training in West Virginia, Aug 11-15 [cefonline.com]

1 Comment

Were they handing out gummy Lego blocks with the coloring books?

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