June 29, 2008

What A Tool: 25th Anniversary Sterling Silver Leatherman


Wow. This 25th Anniversary Leatherman Charge has a sterling silver handle and comes in a limited edition of 999. Even if I didn't have a fine, broken-in Leatherman, this would make no sense at all. But I still totally want one.

Leatherman 830976 25th Anniversary Sterling Silver Charge in Display Box is MSRP $600, but it was $444 at Amazon a minute ago [amazon]


Now that's one cool thing. Though, I'm really scared to bring one. :D

You're not kidding.

Available a little cheaper...

Think how much you'd have to cry when they took that away from you at ariport security, though.

Yes, I've lost several Swiss Army "waiter" knives, and I'm bitter. Try being stuck against your will at an airport hotel with two bottles of excellent wine and no corkscrew.

[and I'm sure it'd never mysteriously disappear from your checked luggage... -ed.]

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