June 27, 2008

Antiques Backroadshow: Vintage Vinyl In Goldsboro

Full of Wilber's barbecue and looking for a place to put the bag of boiled peanuts, we weren't back on the road for ninety seconds when I spotted this trove of antique and/or collectable plastic at the Olde Country Store.

My wife knew I'd have to turn around to get a picture, patient soul.


Oh, how funny. Just what you expect to see in front of an antique shop!

Sure, they're ugly, but I'd still rather see them here than in a landfill.

i live in northern new york state and this is what most folks' yards look like!

Wow! That is actually 2 miles from where my parents live. MMMMM Wilburs did you have some sweet tea.

Now I am homesick. I miss the South.

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