June 26, 2008

More Silicone Please, Not Just Awesome Squishy Bowls


When I saw Josh Guyot's cast silicone Squishy Bowls on MoCo Loco last week, I had a feeling they'd be awesome for kids, not just for their original target market: fetishy backpackers willing to pay a premium for just the right gear.

So I bought some--a set of two [S, L] and a loosie [M]--and they were waiting for us when we got back from the beach.

Sure enough, they are awesome. They're flexible, but don't feel flimsy. They fit easily in a coat pocket or a diaper bag. They're eminently gnawable by small children.

In short, it's like you're eating in the future. A happy, squishy future where everything is "ethically manufactured in China" out of food-grade silicone.

Also, they make a nice, little snowman.


Get Guyot Design's Squishy Bowls at Amazon [amazon]


That's silicone. Silicon is what sand and computer chips are made of.

They are great. I got some for their intended purpose - backpacking. The kids found them delightful and squishy. Sadly they are now more toys than serving items.


[yep, and safe to 400 degrees, it says -ed.]

so, are they good for things like yogurt, or just stuff you don't mind picking up off the floor? I've been eyeing these for awhile but they seemed tippy or maybe just fun to tip...

[they're temptingly rolly, it's true, but the high sides might help keep stuff in long enough to catch it. Maybe we'll do a test... -ed.]

They match the Diet Coke too. The black ones (amazon) look pretty sweet. And, nice arch on the bottom shelf.

[I tried shelving by color, but most were grey, black or white. As for the bowls, I preferred the grey ones, too, but the kid was set on red. -ed.]

I was sure I'd be able to find some sort of scare story about silicone cookware, but it really does appear to be inert and harmless. What a fine Friday Freakout it would have made.

I did run across this:

Aluminum! Stainless steel! Aluminum!

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