June 24, 2008

Hey Denver Minimalists! Craig's Got Your Changing Table!

If your top four criteria for a changing table are [in no particular order]:

  • minimalist/industrial-style
  • sweet maple ply construction
  • cheap, maybe $40 or so, and
  • at least a mile high

    DT reader Ariel has found the Craigslisting for you:


    Very durable changing table with steps that roll into cupboard. also has sliding doors with storage. only needs pad. please email me at XXXXX@tmail.com Price is negotiable. Thanks
    Changing table - $40 (denver) [craigslist]


    So the steps are so the kid can climb up and change himself? I want one!

    Hmmm. Looks exactly like what they have in the bathroom of the under-3 playspace at the Boston Children's Museum.

    [did I say "industrial"? I may have meant "institutional." -ed.]

    It's a common style for daycare changing tables; you can buy them from supply companies that sell to schools and such. Not at that price, of course.

    That is a good score. But hopefully once a kid can navigate those steps s/he is dumping on something that flushes!

    That is quite the bargain! Looks like exactly the type of table they had at my kids' daycare.

    Here's a catalog...

    damn, I wish I lived near Denver - this would be perfect for my kid. He's 17 months and wants to do everything himself, which means he hates to be plopped on a changing table. If he could climb up there himself (he loves to climb!), it would be half the battle won.

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