June 24, 2008

"Odin, We Have A Problem."

I get so flippant and casual, so comfortable in the sheer, blessed, lucky ease of my life. Then the kids go to bed, and I pop open the computer to find as stark a reminder imaginable of the fragility of...
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Hey Denver Minimalists! Craig's Got Your Changing Table!

If your top four criteria for a changing table are [in no particular order]: minimalist/industrial-style sweet maple ply construction cheap, maybe $40 or so, and at least a mile high DT reader Ariel has found the Craigslisting for you: Very...
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Gloucester Mayor Waves Hands, Says It Wasn't Necessarily A 'Pact'

If you think that the high school principal calling a group of "seven or eight sophomore girls" trying to getting pregnant and raise their kids together a "pact" causes a media headache for the mayor, you're right. So far, no...
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Ja, Teutonia IS In The US Now

A few people saw a comment by the North American representative for Teutonia strollers in the tire gunk post yesterday and were all, "Whoa, Teutonia's in the US??" The answer is a definitive ja. Teutonia is the original Mercedes...
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