June 23, 2008

Ben Bernanke, Ben Bernanke, What Do I See? Philip Anderson Illustrates The Fed


I saw this in the paper this weekend, illustrating an article about the Federal Reserve. It's awesome, as if Eric Carle illustrated The Economist. The actual artist, Philip Anderson, has a very nice-looking portfolio, but I can't find any mention of children's books. Someone should rectify that situation pronto, before stagflation sets in, and all we can afford to do is swap partly gnawed boardbooks in the weed-filled parking lot of the shuttered Barnes & Noble.

Also, please stop Ben Stein now: Everybody's Business | Can the Fed Answer All the Alarms? [nyt]
Philip Anderson's portfolio [theispot.com]

1 Comment

Yup, it looks like children's illustration to me. :D Brilliant!

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