June 21, 2008

Florent, We'll Miss You! But Check Out These Awesome Maps--And Morellet Guerineau??


Last weekend we took K2 for her first visit to Florent. Also her last, because Florent's closing in less than two weeks. I'd planned on many years of boring brunches where I'd explain to the kids how daddy and the posse used to come to Florent after the clubs closed to have breakfast with the drag queens. But the rents in the Meatpacking District grew faster than the kids did, so it's not meant to be.

Instead, they may have to settle for stories told in front of an iconic framed map, bought straight off the restaurant's wall [via eBay, with proceeds going to Florent's staff, not Florent's pocket]. Or maybe a poster for one of the restaurant's legendary Bastille Day celebrations?


Attends, qu'est ce que c'est ca? I don't remember seeing these little pictures there before. They're pages from a vintage MG pedal car catalogue? But not that MG, you say, from Morellet Guerineau? Who's that? WOW, only the greatest pedal car maker in all of post-war France!


A [restored] 1960's MG Citroen DS selling for EUR1800 in 2005?


A rare MG Ferrari from the 1950's selling for CHF 2,415 in 2004?

An original condition MG Lotus F1 for a mere EUR1.50 + EUR20 shipping within France on eBay? [until 24 juin, anyway]

As if Florent hasn't done enough for me over the years already. Thanks for the intro, and adieu.

See what memories are still available for sale on eBay from Restaurant Florent [ebay]


Argh! I was in nyc last week, and we'll be up there together in August. I haven't been to Florent, but almost went this last trip up because it has been recommended by so many friends. I skipped it this last time, since I figured Chad and I could do bfast there together when we were both in the city. Woeful timing.

Cool that everyone can take a little piece of Florent home, though.

Nice rides. Very cool!

my daughter, now 2ish, used to wake up at 5am between like 9m and 15m, and we would go to breakfast at florent a few times a week. it was usually just as they were cleaning everything out so we got a fresh lemon scent, plus a few drag queens/party goers who hadn't gone home yet. we got to know a few of the queens (and the staff). it was one of those things that makes me happy to be raising kids in nyc, to introduce her to drag so early. and I'm sorry I won't be able to take her back now.
we'll just have to drive by in our pedal cars on the way to the west side bike path!!

I must have the Lotus. Seriously. Dude doesn't even take Paypal though, this is going to be a hassle.

AAaaaargh! Florent's closing? I, too, used to go there after the clubs closed in the late 80s and early 90s (though never as a drag queen). Ahh, good times. I feel old.

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