June 20, 2008

The Internet Laughs At The Same Jokes And Has The Memory Of A Gnat


At least judging by the number of people who've sent this to me and the many places I've seen this discussed.

And it's not like I'm pretending to be the first person to notice these Lego snacks; I only got the link from Gizmodo.

Previously, like a year and a half ago: Leggo my Lego! and the DT INAPPROPRIATE FUN SNACKSĀ® CONTEST!


Whatever happened to the submissions to the contest?

The internet has no memory, because it's not the same people. A blog or a website (even one as great as yours) is like a big rock in the river, and people are the water flowing by, endlessly.

So everything is endlessly new to most of them.

Totally agree about things being endlessly new, although I read every post Greg writes and I still sent that link to him... I just read a bunch of posts on a mailing list that I successfully Rickroll'd *twice* in April by people who STILL didn't know what it was though, so there you go... :)

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