June 18, 2008

Israeli Au Pairs Not The Next Tibetan Nannies After All

That's the conclusion one American Jewish dad came to after his family burned through--Oy, the tsuris!--three Israeli au pairs, with no success. The problem: their "Israeli attitude" [his quotes]. Though they praise their "indigenous charm," American Jews apparently have the same relationship to Israel as the English have to France: love the country, if it weren't for the people.

For their part, macho Israelis [including, I assume, the au pairs] think the tea-sipping, "tuchus-kissing" American Jews present "dire consequences for the country's ability to fight wars not to mention close business deals." Oh yeah? Maybe we oughta invade a country somewhere just to show how tough we are.

This whole column reads like I've stumbled into someone else's North Shore family reunion.

Battle of the attitude / Israeli girls vs. American Jews [haaretz.com via tmn]

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