June 18, 2008

Now We Know: VW Jetta TDi SportWagen Drops In August For $23,950

Jalopnik has the press release, which doesn't mention what those dealer adjustments'll be for the first few months. Jalopnik also has this insane Sprocketsian tribute film, The SportWagen of Sorrow. The only thing it's missing is a cameo by Nick...
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Redemption Song? 'World's Worst Interviewer' Still Has Harp, Spot On God's Buddy List

Here's a hypothetical for you: Let's say you're a producer for ABC/NBC/same diff, and you perpetrate what is hands-down, the cringingly worstest celebrity interview ever with, I don't know, pick a name--Holly Hunter. And though only like a thousand...
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Hate When That Happens: K2 Just Pooped Herself Awake

must be the banana. and yes, I'm just practicing my twitter....
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Israeli Au Pairs Not The Next Tibetan Nannies After All

That's the conclusion one American Jewish dad came to after his family burned through--Oy, the tsuris!--three Israeli au pairs, with no success. The problem: their "Israeli attitude" [his quotes]. Though they praise their "indigenous charm," American Jews apparently have the...
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War & Sweetpeace: Graco Rocking Robot Single-Armedly Tackles Nation's Reading Crisis

Thanks to CBS News, we all know there's a reading crisis in America. An NEA survey shows that barely half of adults read a book in 2004. Reading proficiency is dropping dramatically in every age group. [Except for 9 year...
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