June 17, 2008

Iowa City Bugaboo Daytrips, Anyone?

Iowa City Flood 6/10/2008, originally uploaded by onanov.

DT reader Carl emailed:

I was just searching flickr for photos of my home town in the wake of the flood that has overtaken the Midwest, when I happened upon this photo of an unknown dad pushing his Bugaboo with the flooded Iowa River in the background.
As for his suggestion that Bugaboo create an Iowa City Daytrips map of the flood areas, a quick look around the flickr flood sets shows Iowans are way ahead of them.

772 and counting: Iowa City Coralville Flood 2008 pool [sic] [flickr]
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Not sure I got the right initials to post a comment for your site... technically "Daddytypes" is just one word, so "D"? "DT?" "DTC?" (you getting a anyone's comments??) :)

It's been hard to find photos of the flood, just as it was very hard to get accurate flood info/road closure info when I was there in Iowa City, trying to get out. I feel for those left behind who suffered the longer-lasting effects, though. The only thing that happened to me was that I got evacuated from my river-side hotel on the University of Iowa Campus, had all of my summer workshop classes cancelled, and then couldn't get out of Iowa because the road to the airport was flooded. I took pictures! Come see them on my own blog...

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