June 16, 2008

Kids Twitter The Darnedest Things

Finally, a perfect use for Twitter. DT reader Ben is documenting his 3-year old daughter's words of wisdom in less-than-144 character bursts. Here are some samples, nearly at random: "Astronauts don't ride motorcycles. They fly in the sky. They come...
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Sweet Gilbert Rohde Playpen Now A CPSC-Certified Objet

When he persuaded D. J. de Pree on the moral imperative of his streamlined designs, Gilbert Rohde brought modernism to the Herman Miller Furniture Company. Though he apparently didn't bring an urgency to produce modern children's furniture. Because even...
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DT Renegade Craft Fair Round-up

Staging the Renegade Craft Fair in the Pool at McCarren Park Pool is a great way to crystallize the cultural divide that is Williamsburg: you walk through thousands of Hispanic families camped out under every tree in the park,...
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You Can't Make Money Flipping Ikea In New Zealand

In the country of the Ikea-less, the guy reselling Ikea basics with like a five-dollar markup is king. New Zealand is such a country, and Mocka is such a king. Seriously, how weird is this? Mocka offers free shipping...
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