June 13, 2008

Jean Prouvé Nursery School Chair

I guess I haven't followed the development of the Jean Prouvé market as closely as I'd thought; otherwise I might have known that TECTA, the German manufacturer of some early Prouvé furniture--and the contemporary re-issuer of others--also produced a...
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DT Friday Freakout: Food, Or The Lack Thereof Edition

Whew, for a while there, I was wondering if there wasn't going to be anything to freak out about over the weekend. I shouldn't have worried. Because the NY Attorney General delivered by announcing going after two drugstore chains--Rite-Aid and...
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NYT On Navigating The AHD-to-GTWD Transition

Well, it's taken her a few years, but NY Times writer Lisa Belkin is apparently getting on board with the reality that men are somehow involved in many work-family balance situations. She has a short [for her, 1400 words] but...
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RIP, Thomas Creat-- Wait, David Mitton Animated The Thunderbirds!

David Mitton, the children's TV producer who brought The Rev. Wilbert Vere Awdry's bedtime stories of Thomas the Tank Engine to lucrative, oddly animated life, has died. But Thomas Schmomas, the guy also did The Thunderbirds! That means Thomas...
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