June 11, 2008

Prouve/Corbu/Perriand Kid's Room? But Where'd That Dog Come From?

Though the picture's from Elle Decor, not Interior Design, I think this is Florence Lopez's son's "lacquered Jean Prouvé bed" with "a cork bulletin board that Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand designed for two French universities" over it. I...
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Wigs And Cigs And Writing Gigs

If the Theresa in this photo is the Theresa I think it is, let the record show she did not, in fact, grow up to be a lounge singer like her parents wished; she's a writer who works for a...
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Vintage Barbapapa Doll: How You Say, "Mangy"?

Sometimes vintage is truly the best: like with furniture. And sometimes, it ain't: like, uh, with gnarly, black-furred, stuffed dolls from popular 1970's French children's book series. Better to buy your Barbapapa plush dolls and fondue pots new, like...
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Mathieu Mategot Kids Chairs, S'il Vous Plait

Mathier Mategot was the other mid-century designer, the one who wasn't Corbusier, Perriand, or Prouve. Left Bank interior designer Florence Lopez put these sweet 1950's painted iron kids chairs ["inspired by Mathieu Mategot"] in the window of Luco, her...
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Does "3-in-1" Count As A Kids' Product Line, Method?

From a Salon.com article about NY Times consumption reporter Rob Walker's new book, Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are:"The only thing less plausible than paying a premium for high-design dish liquid simply because...
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Honda Accord Diesel Wagon? It Is NOT The Little Differences

Holy crap, Honda. Diesel wagon with a standard 6-speed manual transmission? Forget Europe, this description of the 2008 Honda Accord sounds like it's from freakin' Bizzaro World:standard? :Honda unveils the new Accord for Europe, with a sportier design, a...
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Rad Mod Play Table & Stools At Hi+Lo Modern

Here's where I'd normally suggest that buying this sweet, vintage table and stool set for just $80, and installing it in your kid's room. But they're only 1 1/2 inches high, so you'd probably store them in your kid's...
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John McCain's Hat, Integrity, $25

Looking to help John McCain earn $50 the easy way? You can buy a "Dads For McCain" cap and his integrity for just $25 apiece. Oh, sorry, it's just an Integrity t-shirt. Too bad it's not a fragrance: John...
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Daddy, Where To Cartoons Come From?

Over the weekend, two major comic artists, Art Spiegelman and Gary Panter, discussed their inspiration at a symposium organized by NYU and The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. Via Artforum's report:The letters L, S, and D rolled off their...
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For Those About To Rock: Plush Guitars & Band Members By The Grateful Thread

Awesome. Nicolas Worth and Jami Gigot are designers in London who have just launched The Grateful Thread, a little collection of crafty rock&roll-themed products, which includes some plush/stuffed creations. Chief among the offerings are the stuffed guitars they're life-size...
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