June 10, 2008

Don't Call Them Token: Dadbloggers Rap On NPR

Tuesday is normally Mocha Moms day on Tell Me More, NPR's daily talk show with Michel Martin; it's as if The View were just about parenting, and just happened to be black. It's also the kind of chitchat that gets me thinking, "Come back, Brother Tavis, we need you!" and scrambling to change the radio to CSPAN.

Only today, it wasn't Mocha Moms, but "Mocha Dads." "In honor of Father's Day," the panel featured three dadbloggers-- Keith Morton of African American Dad, Jeff Steele of DC Urban Moms and Dads, and Jason Sperber of Rice Daddies [who's actually Japanese-American so technically, it's two mochas and an o-cha.]

Is it too audacious to hope that someday, dads will be included in parenting discussions the other 51 weeks of the year?

Mocha Moms [sic]: Dads Discuss Parenting Tips [npr]


Actually, I think Jeff (from some reckless eyeballing: http://www.dcurbanmom.com/about) is white. :) And Michele mentioned that Leslie Morgan Steiner is on their Mocha Moms panel now, so I guess "mocha" is a little more multiculti on her show. (But just because I love you, don't forget I'm half-Jewish--I just wanna see what you do with that metaphor-wise, heh

[Leslie brings it from capuccino to mocha. and I toyed wth mocha/matzo, but the mocha/ocha thing won out. -ed.]

I think it's a great idea to include fathers in parenting discussions. It's great to hear diverse and contrasting beliefs on this topic.

Whenever we have a day off and when I deem it fit to ask my hubby some questions about what he thinks. It's very refreshing to hear a different perspective from him. We don't really argue or something. I told him I'd love a sound discussion with him. :D

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