June 10, 2008

Camo Mercedes Wagon Can't Hide In Monaco


Monaco has its own internal logic when it comes to cars. When my Citroen 2CV still had Marseilles-area tags on it, I would get pulled over every fifteen minutes. But after I installed my bamboo sunscreen on the roof, the valet would park it in front of the Hotel de Paris, next to some Nigerian petrocrook's son's Ferrari F40. Meanwhile the poor schlubs who had stock Porsches were left waiting for their cars to be brought around.]

So yeah, while I can't see getting a case of Krylon and heading up to Mohegan Sun in style, I can totally see how a W210 Mercedes wagon with a desert camo paint job could make total sense. in Monaco.

Camo E-Class Panzerwagen Menaces Monaco [jalopnik, photo via jalop regular deckard]

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