June 6, 2008

Oakland In Da Rebel Alliance!


This awesome shirt by The Girl and Rhino is currently not available in either kid or infant sizes! Sorry to mess up your weekend.

The AT-AT Tee, $17-22, when it's in stock [thegirlandrhino via dinosaursandrobots]

update: weekend saved! they have kid and infant sizes, just email them.


We at TG&R don't want to ruin anyone's weekend! We do have children and infant's sizes -- just not available for purchase over the interwebulator. However, email us what you're looking for and we'll try our best to get it to you.
Elaine and Adam

[woot! -ed.]

Wait, doesn't that shirt imply that Oakland's cranes are dreaming of being AT-ATs? That would put them firmly with the Empire, my friends...

[I'm sure it means that they dream of being a Kenner toy. -ed.]

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