June 5, 2008

99 Laufmaschines, Or Seriously, Stop Inventing The Like-A-Bike!

Do we need to lay it out on a timeline for you? Because I haven't seen so many people inventing the exact same unique toy since, since--well, I guess those plush people do it all the time. BUT STILL!...
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This Week In Like-A-Like-A-Bike News

The Like-a-Bike knockoff scene is suddenly hopping for some reason. To wit: A retailer recently commented on the original DT post about the Skuut--the one that busted them for knocking off the Like-A-Bike in China, and the one which called...
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Which Vaccination Kool-Aid To Drink?

Is infant vaccination a tough decision for you? Strident arguments about pandemics, irresponsible hippies, governmental conflicts of interest, auto-immune disorders, and autism got you down? Everyone sound like they're just peddling a party line of some kind, and you don't...
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Uhh, Plush Naked Hitler Doll

Yeah, for about half a second, I thought it was because the artist and the gallery were German. But then I figured that plush naked Hitlers and cuddly [kuddly?] KKK dolls would be seriously disturbed anywhere. Bimbo dolls by...
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Knit Snakes. Why'd It Have To Be Knit Snakes?

From the introduction to Nina Braun's exhibition at Helium Cowboy Gallery in Hamburg:Nina Braun has always cut her own path, irrespective of social guidelines or standards. Through self-teaching, experiences and experiments, she has built the fundament she needs to...
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