June 3, 2008

Wow, Charley Harper's ABC's Boardbook


If you're a fan of Charley Harper's trademark 'minimal realism,' but you're not itching to drop a thousand dollars for a vintage copy of his magnum illustratus, the 1961 Giant Golden Book of Biology - An Introduction to the Science of Life, you are in luck.

Ammo Books just released Charley Harper ABC's, a boardbook illustrated with alphabetically appropriate selections from Harper's vast oeuvre. Ammo also collaborated closely with the artist to produce the awesome monograph, Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life, which was published just as Harper passed away. So it's possible that Harper was involved with the ABC book, too, though if he were, I expect it'd be mentioned in the promo copy. Anyway, at $10, it's 99% less than the Golden Book of Biology, which he didn't write, either.

Update: I guess I could've checked Ammo Books' site, which says ABC's was, "Conceived of as a mini companion to the impressive and large format Charley Harper –An Illustrated Life..."

Buy Charley Harper ABC's or Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life at Amazon [amazon via dt reader leah]
Related: Check out scans of Giant Golden Book of Biology at Grain Edit [grainedit.com]
Check for copies of Harper's Giant Golden Book of Biology at Abebooks [abebooks.com]


Wow... great ABC book... took a gander at abebooks... upwards of $675-1050 for a copy of Giant Golden Book of Biology... sweet book, though.

Harper should just issue a reprint of the Giant book, print a few hundred thousand with a splashy launch, and make money on it. Would really like that book.

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