June 3, 2008

Whoops, More Store Closing Sales At Babystyle

That's what this blog needs: secret shoppers. One of Chris Moseley's blog operatives has learned that the North Park, TX location of Babystyle is set to close, making it the seventh store to close as part of the company's Chapter...
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Wow, Charley Harper's ABC's Boardbook

If you're a fan of Charley Harper's trademark 'minimal realism,' but you're not itching to drop a thousand dollars for a vintage copy of his magnum illustratus, the 1961 Giant Golden Book of Biology - An Introduction to the...
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William Wegman Alphabet Wallpaper Border

See, the dogs not only sit still while the artist dresses them up in little outfits, they also sit still while he poses them in the shapes of all the letters of the alphabet. Then the images are turned...
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Nuna High Chair From Holland, Not Ork

Nuna is a new Dutch kids' product company that just debuted its first product, the Nuna High Chair. As befits a £195 high chair, it adjusts and adapts to remain useful, if not necessary, through age 6. From the...
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Volvo V100 To Target Non-Existent R-Class Market

Poor VW. If only the Phaeton had a place for the bichon--and if only gas were still $1.25/gallon--they'd be a premium luxury brand now, too. If my Google translation is to be believed, the brain trust at Volvo feels...
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Holgate Soda Set One Bottletop Shy Of A Six-Pack

I like this cool set of wooden bottles, tinted in the colors of six common wine cooler flavors. They're made by Holgate, one of the earliest US companies to develop educational toys. Unfortunately, one of the bottle stoppers is...
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Fit To Be Freed

I guess if I keep kicking the family car decision down the field long enough, I could get my beloved Mercedes A-Class--in the form of the new Honda Fit. which'll go on sale as a 2009 model later this...
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