June 1, 2008

Blogger Dude Gives Dude's Perspective On Etsy

It's becoming nearly impossible for me to surf Etsy anymore; there's just too much stuff, and too much of it is crafty schlock [different strokes, I know, but hey.] Fortunately, dad, cyclist and blogger Matt Haughey met Bre Pettis, who's sort of the programming director/cruise director for Etsy, which led to an invite for Matt to share his own favorite Etsy picks.

In addition to some cycling-themed stuff, the list includes some very cool kid-related finds:

  • Matt reports that the Ouno diaper bag made from an old trench coat is fantastic, which is a relief.
  • Tinymodernist makes little baby clothes decorated with pictures of mid-century modernist furniture; a bit of a cliche now, perhaps, but they do it well.
  • Jackopottamus makes cool t-shirt designs for kids.

    For the whole list, links, and Matt's Etsy searching tips, check out the article at The Storque.

    A Dude's Perspective: Matt Haughey from Metafilter [etsy.com via a.wholelottanothing]

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