May 30, 2008

Miami Nice: Limited Edition Bugaboo For Genius Jones


Wow. As of next Saturday, June 7th, Genius-Jones joins the likes of Neiman-Marcus and Stefani-Rossdale by inaugurating their very own custom Bugaboo model.

The Genius Jones Limited Edition Bugaboo will be unveiled at a full-blown "Bugaboo Event," which involves inflatable slides, snow cones, and deals toward Bugaboo accessory purchases. As for the stroller itself, it looks like the ultimate blend of Dutch & Miami style: solid orange fabric over a white-on-white-on-white structural extravaganza of anodized aluminum, rubber, and leather.

The edition will be strictly limited to the number of all-white Bugaboo By chassis the company still has lying around in their Dutch warehouse, so don't dawdle!

No word on pricing, but those original Bugaboo By's were like $2000, so you'll be getting a sweet deal.

Update: Alright, word on pricing from the Genius Joneses is that the limited editions will be $1,395 and only available in a GJ store, no web, no phone. Also, there is an all-blue version, which includes everything you see here:


Watch Genius Jones' website for details on the Limited Edition Bugaboo and the big "Event," June 7, noon-5pm []
Previously, but actually the same picture: Bugaboo By--Bugaboo gets Murakamified.


White tires? Seriously? Is this like those buggies that crazy doll collectors get for their "babies"?

Meh. Still waiting for the Rem Koolhaas limited edition...

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