May 30, 2008

Hmmm: Herman Miller Stuffed Centaur Looks Like Marilyn Neuhart Stuffed Centaur


Wright20 dates this shaggy centaur stuffed toy to 1961, but for some reason, they don't mention Marilyn Neuhart at all, just Herman Miller, thanks to a label on the back that reads, "Licenciatarios de Herman Miller Industria Argentina Coleccio'n S.A."

It's even odder, because they sold a near-twin of the centaur at auction in 2002 for $2,070, which was described as an "Alexander Girard doll," with Marilyn Neuhart mentioned in the manufacturer's slot. [The hippie girl doll that sold for $1,725 was described the same way.]


Is this another one of those Gloria Caranica situations where the actual designer gets written out by her male collaborators? Because the way I heard it first, Girard saw Neuhart's dolls, and ordered 2,000 of them for his HM-backed store. What that has to do with Argentina is a mysterioso grande to me. But apparently it means $500 off on all stuffed centaur purchases.

Herman Miller Argentina, c. 1961, silk & cotton, $1,500 at Wright Now []
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It's because Herman Miller is so awesome!We have a Herman Miller store here in Seattle and it is dope.

[whatever dopeness HM is today is just the leftover dregs of their dope cup, which was overflowing back in the day. -ed.]

yo seem to know quite a bit about the Marilyn Neuhart / Alexander Girard dolls, i bought a stuffed felt owl about 2 years ago at an estate sale in Pasadena CA. and i stumbled across a similar one online, which went at auction in 2002.
i can't seem to find any more information on the piece.

thanks for the time,

Go to the source. Maximo Design is the gallery working with the Girard estate and Neuhart to manage vintage and reissued designs.

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