May 30, 2008

Miami Nice: Limited Edition Bugaboo For Genius Jones

Wow. As of next Saturday, June 7th, Genius-Jones joins the likes of Neiman-Marcus and Stefani-Rossdale by inaugurating their very own custom Bugaboo model. The Genius Jones Limited Edition Bugaboo will be unveiled at a full-blown "Bugaboo Event," which involves...
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There's A Party In My Pampers!

What the hell are you doing in there, tickling? Get OUT of my kid's diaper before I wring your little red neck!...
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The DT Friday Freakout: BPA, Pb, BC, TKO, CA

Just some of the latest stuff you don't need to worry your pretty little head over this weekend--unless you want to be a good parent, that is: A woman in Arkansas is seeking class action status for her federal...
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Hmmm: Herman Miller Stuffed Centaur Looks Like Marilyn Neuhart Stuffed Centaur

Wright20 dates this shaggy centaur stuffed toy to 1961, but for some reason, they don't mention Marilyn Neuhart at all, just Herman Miller, thanks to a label on the back that reads, "Licenciatarios de Herman Miller Industria Argentina Coleccio'n...
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