May 29, 2008

No Sweat, Duluth Trading Still Makes Their 2nd Manliest Diaper Bag


In their Father's Day newsletter, Stephen, a happy, manly, satisfied Duluth Trading customer thanked the construction and contractor outfitter for helping him be all the man he can be:

“My quest for a diaper bag took me through the forest of pink and blue frilly animal covered sissy carriers. After many disappointing excursions, my eyes fell on this bag from Duluth Trading Co. Once I researched this manly bag, I decided it was the holy grail of diaper bags. It ended up in a package as a Father's day gift. I can't imagine how my son would grow up without it, since it's my responsibility to teach him to be a man.”
Mantastic! Unfortunately, the manly bag Stephen bought is no longer in production. The closest to it, according to DT's customer service rep, is the Postmaster's Tote, which sports the same zip-close top, but adds snap-close handles, so you can carry it like a mantote.


That way, the heavy-duty Fire Hose cotton canvas won't soak up the glistening sweat from your rippling shoulders and back when you take the little man home from the rock quarry.

Duluth Dads In Action [ via dt reader and--dt customer--john]
Duluth Trading Postmaster's Tote, $119.50, in brown canvas and leather []
Only slightly less manly diaper baggable options: the DTPro Electrician's Bag lets it all hang out with exterior compartments and pockets, $39.50
The DTPro Climber's Bag stands upright, hugs your hips, but doesn't close. $26.50

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