May 29, 2008

Filmmaker x Beavers Colabo Chair For Grey Rabbit


"The chair, created from beaver-gnawed wood, was made by Bruce Gundersen, a filmmaker and furniture designer, to mark the birth of Ms. Puett’s son, Grey Rabbit."

Ms Puett is J. Morgan Puett, and her baby daddy is the artist Mark Dion, so the only thing Grey Rabbit will need to explain is whether it's "Grey" or "Gray." As for the parents' explanation, “Mark and I wanted it to be an animal but not a predatory one."

In Her Own World, image via the Slideshow [nyt]

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I read Daddy Types a fair bit (even though I'm a mommy) but this is the first time you've featured something from someone I know so I'm super extra excited. If anyone is interested in a beaver-gnawed chair of their own, Bruce Gunderson lives in the Adirondacks of NY and can be contacted at:
Bruce Gundersen Rustic Furniture

[thanks, his website had disappeared. -ed]

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