May 29, 2008

Duluth Trading: Plan Station Could Also Be World's Manliest Fold-Down Changing Table

Damn, surfing around Duluth Trading's website, makes me want a job-site. They sell this awesome, portable plan station as a time-saving alternative to building your own temporary table: "Simply pound 2 nails into the wall, and slip 2, 24”...
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No Sweat, Duluth Trading Still Makes Their 2nd Manliest Diaper Bag

In their Father's Day newsletter, Stephen, a happy, manly, satisfied Duluth Trading customer thanked the construction and contractor outfitter for helping him be all the man he can be:“My quest for a diaper bag took me through the forest...
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Interesting Kids Stuff Coming At Wright20

I start wondering what's the point of pointing this stuff out. But then I think, if I can touch just one heart, change just one life, by helping someone find the $3,000 stool shaped like an Andy Warhol soup can,...
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Except for the part about thousands of parents getting thousands of letters telling them their kids didn't get into any of the programs of their choice, I can't figure out what the hell is going on with the NYC Schools'...
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Filmmaker x Beavers Colabo Chair For Grey Rabbit

"The chair, created from beaver-gnawed wood, was made by Bruce Gundersen, a filmmaker and furniture designer, to mark the birth of Ms. Puett’s son, Grey Rabbit." Ms Puett is J. Morgan Puett, and her baby daddy is the artist...
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