May 28, 2008

Yow. Brooklyn Playground Graffiti Is Edgy

In Manhattan, the public playgrounds are full of Tibetan nannies. In Brooklyn, they're full of chalk-scrawled declarations to, "Free Tibet, Bitch!" and "You can smack people with the swing." Try working that into the pre-school application essay. Tot Lot Graffiti...
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Wagons You Can't Get In The US, Vol. XLVII

Cool station wagons are being spotted somewhere else! The new Mercedes C-Class estate in Italy! [via moseleyworld] The new Citroen C5 Tourer in either Africa or the UK, I can't quite make out. [above, via thanks dt reader dt]...
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Old Toy Shopful Of Creative Playthings On eBay

There's been a whole slew of vintage Creative Playthings toys turning up on eBay the last few days, all in beautiful, unused, condition. For collectors or just folks who like their vintage wooden toys unbeat and unchewed-on, it's like...
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