May 27, 2008

DTQ: What's Under Those Bugaboo Hub Caps?

bugaboo_wheel.jpgDT reader Mark has a problem. He lives in a brownstone apartment, and his Bugaboo Frog is about 1/2-inch too wide to fit into the phonebooth-sized elevator. So they have to fold the stroller every time they go in or out.

Even though owning a Bugaboo entitles you to park it in whatever common space is most convenient to you, Mark selflessly insists on bringing the stroller into their apartment.

Basically the two little Chrome Caps that appear to be on the end of the axels (on the outer part of the wheel) are what is getting caught. Are these just decorative, and could they be removed? If we could get rid of those little caps we would could cure our problem of constantly having to fold the stroller up to get it up to our apartment.
Anyone ever knock these little chrome hub caps off? What's underneath? It wouldn't help Mark, but has anyone replaced the plain hub caps with spinners?


Maybe try the new 2008 Evo wheels out... maybe they will give him the tiny bit of room he needs? I have no idea if they are thinner... but worth a call to bugaboo.

This isn't a solution per se, but this is the reason we bought the Bugaboo *Bee* -- we measured the doors in our brownstone first and used that to limit our choices. With the Bee, you get most of the Bugaboo experience, and a one-piece fold as well.

If you just need to fit into the elevator (no actual pushing needed), why not just take one of the wheels off? I'm sure it's not that hard to balance the thing on 3 wheels for about a minute.

One of the caps came off of one of our front wheels (Cameleon). This freed the wheel to almost work its way off of the axle. I'm guessing that its the same on the rear wheels/axle and that your wheel will fall off if you remove the cap.

We don't have spinners, but the inflaty spouts on ours have dice covers.

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