May 21, 2008

Daddy's Playmates

Hugh Hefner's son Marston is turning 18. He lives with his younger brother and his mother, 1989 Playmate of The Year Kimberley Conrad, next door to the Playboy Mansion:

“With Marston, I was there, a hands-on father. As you look at the first version of that documentary on my life that A&E did, called American Playboy, you can see the children’s toys in the great hall. And Marston was a big fan of Batman, so I showed up one afternoon unexpectedly in a Batman costume and tried to convince him I was Batman!”

On the wall behind Hef is a photo of him with his sons, the two boys in matching blue sweaters.

How old are the kids in that photo?

“I don’t know,” he says.

Next of Skin [ via goldenfiddle]

1 Comment

Children's toys?! In the house! That sounds like father of the year material. (It should be noted my middle school self feels bad for mocking hef -- sorry, pal.)

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