May 18, 2008

DT@ICFF: Enzo Mari Kids Furniture


So I went to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair yesterday in NYC, and there was a whole bunch of interesting kid-related designs. While my photos are loading up, though, there's an awesome design that wasn't at the Fair.

At last year's ICFF Hida Sangyo, a woodworking company in central Japan, debuted a collection of furniture by Enzo Mari made from sugi, or cryptomeria, a light, soft wood that's often called Japanese cedar. Hida has developed a compression technology that increases the density and hardness of the sugi, which is a very traditional building material in Japan. This year, Hida is back, with 15 of the collection's 34 pieces set for sale in the US.

But in February, they also introduced kid-sized versions of the most popular Mari table and chair: the Ceretto and the Arda, respectively. If I'm reading their website correctly, they're only available at the Hida shop on Omotesando in Tokyo. No word on the table, but the chair is 33,000 yen each, plus the extra baggage fee for bringing them home on the plane.

Check out the entire Enzo Mari collection for Hida on their Japanese site []

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there is an enzo mari exhibit on until the end june in LA

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