May 14, 2008

Boston Likes Its Local Parent Sites The Way It Likes Its Baseball: Totally Nutless


You gotta give them credit for sticking to the concept; when the Boston Globe created its local parenting website/community, they named it "BoMoms: for moms in Boston & beyond." And damned if it isn't the girliest girl talky girl fest this side of the Red Sox locker room.

Above all, BoMoms is a site for busy moms living in and all around the Boston area. But just as importantly, we’re all different kinds of moms – our advisory board (which we call The Motherboard), is a mix of women representing different parenting philosophies, ethnicities and cultures, marital statuses, lifestyles, suburbs and urban neighborhoods. We bake cookies (though not always from scratch). We all work (because we believe every mother is a working mother). And above all, we use BoMoms as an essential resource – whether that means getting parenting advice from each other, finding stuff to do with our kids, locating sanity-saving services, or just connecting with other moms and sounding off on this crazy experiment called motherhood. See, despite our differences (or maybe because of them), we’re all dedicated to helping each other be the best moms we can be.
It's like it's all been run through a momalyzer bot that sticks "for moms." on the end of every sentence. Sheesh, but that town is a freakshow.

BoMoms: for moms in Boston & beyond [ via jason]
Previously, a roundup of local newspapers' parenting sites: Some Parenting Is Local
SF Chronicle Has The Balls To Name Parenting Channel "Bay Area Moms"


Being a BoMom myself, I never heard of this site until now (and I read regularly). So I took a look and funny that the most recent comments on the forum were all from 21 hours ago. So I would guess not many other BoMoms (or dads) are reading it either.

There are a lot of active parents' groups in Boston and the one in my neighborhood has grown from a new moms' support group (with issues specific to moms) into a full-blown parenting site (for moms and dads). We're stuck with a name that implies moms only, as well as a specific neighborhood, but anyone who knows about it, knows it's broader and more inclusive.

As to your comment, "that town is a freakshow", what could you possibly mean???

Maybe "for moms" is the new "in my pants."

Remarkably awful name. BO? Like stinky? c'mon, people.

Besides, Boston Mamas already does a great job on this front...

A wine tasting for tired moms? That's a Boston mating call if ever I did hear one.

[which answers the freakshow question. every once in a while, when I think it'd be possible-to-not-bad to live in Boston, something comes along to torpedo the idea. -ed.]

Luckily doesn't speak for all of us. Looking further into BoMoms, the site is pretty awful--one big advertiser's cliche. It won't be on my favorites list.

Feeling a little defensive here in Boston...come for a visit and we'll share all the things that won't make it onto BoMoms.

Let's put the blame where it belongs. Everyone knows the Boston Globe (and therefore has gone downhill since it was purchased by the New York Times.

[it must be a plot. -ed]

Hey, we're trying over here in Boston to fix this little gender inequity problem! -Amy and Marc

Don't you know the "for moms" happy crappy is a continuation of the marketing tsunami that starts when you get engaged, then you get pregnant, then you are a mom. And, doggone it, your are expected to purchase your way into happiness. GAH! I totally don't buy it.

The only "mom" thing I want to see is the website (or whatever) that will help me get a work-from-home design job that will allow me to care for my kid too.

I'm having a hard time figuring out what "initials" means... Sorry if this post doubles up.

Just wanted to know if anyone is familiar with my site, (soon to be, which recently started a redesign process. It's a little buggy, but the calendar is a great resource (so is the Boston newsletter), and it's not just for moms. Take a look and let us know what features you'd like us to add!

I loved your article. I am part of the Boston community and I know they would love to read it.

In their news page you can submit news either as an article or as a RSS feed. Keep up the great work!

[and you keep trawling Google, looking for year-old stories on which to plug your website! -ed.]

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